Android 6.0 使用 Apache HttpClient

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           今天更新sdk后遇到一直报 " Unable to find optional library: org.apache.http.legacy"的问题,查了好多资料,检查后发现org.apache.http.legacy.jar文件也有,看到这篇文章后才最终解决。真是哭笑不得,一个配置json文件丢失导致构建脚本找不到jar包,应该是sdk更新出现问题导致的,在此记录一下。


Android 6.0版本已经已经基本将Apahce Http Client 移除出SDK。

 那么问题来了,如果我在以前的项目中使用了Apache HttpClient相关类,怎么办呢?


Apache HTTP Client Removal

Android 6.0 release removes support for the Apache HTTP client. If your app is using this client and targets Android 2.3 (API level 9) or higher, use the HttpURLConnection class instead. This API is more efficient because it reduces network use through transparent compression and response caching, and minimizes power consumption. To continue using the Apache HTTP APIs, you must first declare the following compile-time dependency in your build.gradle file:

android {    useLibrary 'org.apache.http.legacy'}


又是一坑: 即使我们使用的是Android 6,并且加入了以下useLibrary配置,也有可能出现如下编译错误:

" Unable to find optional library: org.apache.http.legacy"


     1、看看目录E:\software\Android\sdk\platforms\android-23\optional 下有没有org.apache.http.legacy.jar 和 optional.json




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  1. [  

  2.   {  

  3.     "name": "org.apache.http.legacy",  

  4.     "jar": "org.apache.http.legacy.jar",  

  5.     "manifest": false  

  6.   }  

  7. ]  

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